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Squirrel Foot Controls

Increases productivity up to 30% ahead of all other machines.

For this we must make the Squirrel: Very safe, Smooth riding, Simple controls, Three speeds, Large picking bag.

Our Foot pedal control has proven to be:

Simple for back-packers to learn

Easy to operate without getting sore feet

The most efficient way to pick and prune

 The operator must feel safe with simple smooth controls and will keep the Squirrel moving so that the fruit is within easy reach, the same as if they were picking on the ground, always moving as they operate. 

As they trust the Squirrel they will operate in gear 2 instead of gear 1 and using gear 3 for travelling to the bin. The operator can adjust the engine RPM to get their ideal speed.  With a large picking bag needing only 4-5 bags to fill a bin the operator is more efficient. 

 All New SD Foot Controls reduce foot pressure by 50%.

No more jerky starting & stopping, making the Squirrel very easy to operate. 

True Foot Controls with SD (Soft Drive)

The SQUIRREL is a machine with unique foot controls, giving three dimensional movement without the operator shifting his feet. A wide seat belt holds the operator directly above the foot pedals giving a safe and comfortable working position. The fully adjustable spring centred foot pedals allow you to continue working with both hands free AT ALL TIMES. This proven feature alone makes the SQUIRREL the most efficient machine. 


Foot controls are directly mounted to hydraulic valves, allowing the operator to gradually phase all movements and giving a "positive feel" (no bowden cable problems).


Left Foot Pedal

Toe down raises the cage.

Heel down lowers the cage.

Twist foot left and cage swings left.

Twist foot right and cage swings right.

Right Foot Pedal

Toe down drives forward.

Heel down drives in reverse.

Twist foot right to turn right.

Twist foot left to turn left.







Easy Adjust  Foot Stops

New foot stops are larger and can now be adjusted without tools, rotate up 70º and slide to next hole then rotate down 70º. They cannot be removed from the pedal unless  a nyloc nut is undone. New foot pedals are bigger with more gap around sides to allow fruit to fall through. 


New Foot Control valves


Since 2019 we use a new type of hydraulic control valve, this has made the foot controls a lot smoother and lighter to operate without sticking or oil leaks to operate. This special valving fitted which gives a soft start and stop and allows the operator to drive  quickly & safely. Foot controls are directly mounted to hydraulic valves, allowing the operator to gradually phase giving proportional movements. 







Side Swing Cage

The cage rotates hydraulically 110º left to right by using the left foot pedal. Cage swing is constant at all heights making the SQUIRREL ideal for a range of applications. This cage swing allows the operator to reach a greater area instantly without moving the base of the machine.

Comfortable Working

The SQUIRREL's side swing cage, when rotated left or right, allows the operator to work in a more comfortable position with less strain from stretching or twisting. This feature reduces the amount of manoeuvring of the base of the SQUIRREL as it is driven down the row.








Cage bottom guard

Foot Controls are protected by a bottom guard, to clean just remove 2 clips and this will swing down cleaning itself. This is standard on all cages.  






Hand Control (Optional extra)

Joy-stick hand and foot control cage is available. This is ideal for hire fleets and construction work. The Hand joystick controls are mounted to the same as the foot button pedal controls. The operator can drive with the hand joystick or the two foot pedals on the right side of the cage floor. The two foot pedals on the left side of the cage operate the Side swing cage and boom lift. 

This cage is 100mm longer floor to allow space between the pedals to move your feet around.




Low voltage insulation (Optional extra)

Two separate connection points have non-conductive HDPE bushes increases low voltage safety by having these two LV joints. Includes rubber coated cage, boom and stabilizer bar; insulated hydraulic hoses and 4 cage pivots.

508 LVI & 708 LVI Squirrels have 3 large oil tanks to keep the oil temperature low.

Tested and certified to AS1418.10. Recommended for street tree pruning near power lines.


Safe In & Out of Cage

The SQUIRRELs Cage: is safe and easy to enter and exit -  no bending and twisting under hand rails.  It is automatically closed and latched with 2 separate latches. As the rear seat belt is attached, getting in and out is safe and fast. To un-latch it requires 2 fingers to lift two latches, then push back. The latch handles are recessed in the back inside corner.

Very High pressure Hoses

All the hydraulic hose in the boom to the cage  are non-conductive  and very high pressure - rated max working of 700bar (10,000psi) the Squirrel system is only set at max 2,900 psi giving a very long life. We fit special long shells & hose tail fittings to the hose to stop damage the outer cover.






For Brochure on Squirrel and Squirrel Trailer - Click on the picture to download the PDF file.
Disclaimer: The pictures and information are a guide only.  Specifications are subject to change without notice and without liability expressed or implied.
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Disclaimer: The pictures and information are a guide only.  Specifications are subject to change without notice and without liability expressed or implied.