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Double Sided Front Mount Sadie

Suitable for medium to large vineyards avable in two sizes Std & Narrow.

Vineyard SADIE Front Mount

Vineyard SADIE (Front Mount) Suitable for medium to large vineyards and for contractors. It now has adjustable height spring tynes.
It is a vine cane sweeper which clears pruning's and debris from under vines even in grass, improving hygiene. It also assists in giving clean ground for pre-emergence herbicide spraying.
Both Double Sided Sadies are very similar
  • Std for 2.3m - 4m wide rows
  • Narrow for 1.5m - 3.5m wide rows

The STD model has 540mm rubber flaps with spring tines. 

The narrow model has shorter main arms, shorter wheel mount arms, & 2 sets of shorter rubber flaps. 330mm for 1.5m to 3m wide rows and 430mm for 1.8m to 3.5m wide rows. spring tines can be used with the 430mm flaps.

Both SADIEs comes complete with a steel mesh guard to protect tractor from flying debris. Also comes with a heavy duty deflector which fits beneath the SADIE's mesh guard protecting the bottom of the tractor.

SADIE's rubber flaps are hard wearing (last approx. 200 ha) but do not damage the vines. Two flaps can be doubled up and adjusted to achieve a more vigorous sweep or singly a light sweep if required for young vines.

The SADIE comes complete with a steel mesh guard to protect the tractor from flying debris.  Also comes with a heavy-duty deflector which fits beneath the SADIE's mesh guard protecting the bottom of the tractor.

Older model pictured above

SADIE’s clean sweep reduces the amount of herbicide required to maintain weed free strips

All tyres are solid filled for life-long tyre protection. Rims have greased hubs with sealed bearings and protector shields.

SADIE's Ø8mm spring tynes are bolted in front of the rubber flaps and are adjustable in height. This allows the tyne to be lower than the rubber flap to allow vigorous raking. The tynes are not as long as the rubber flaps to prevent any damage to the vine trunk. You can use with or without tynes to achieve the best results.

Each SADIE head is independent and relies on the three wheels to keep the flaps & tynes at the right height and contour of the ground. If the head hits an obstacle the guide wheels prevent damage to the vine and a gas strut allows it to swing back smoothly and reposition itself.

Hydraulic motors are stronger than before having two taper bearings & big, tapered output shaft.  A hydraulic flow control valve regulates the maximum head rotation speed. 

Older model pictured above

The SADIE is mounted onto the tractor's front bumper bar. The bumper bar is supplied but holes in this bracket as these need to be made to suit the tractor.  The SADIE clips over this and is held on with bolts. There is a tension chain with bracket to be mid-mounted each side (supplied).


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