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  • Squirrel 678 BSD-D Bogie Soft Drive - Deluxe

    6.7m platform height - 8.7m reach

    This model is ideal for low - tall avocado trees, harvesting and pruning on steep ground. Standard features include side swing cage, hydraulic electric three speed, large bogie drive wheels with planetary drive hubs with fail-safe brakes, allowing the operator to work at maximum capacity of 200KG SWL on steep slopes.
    SQUIRREL’S unique foot control and smooth hydraulic system increases productivity up to 30% ahead of all other machines.
Genuine foot controls SD (Soft Drive)
Fully enclosed spacious engine compartment.
Powerful three hydraulic pump system.
Self lubricating replaceable bushes.
Planetary 8:1 wheel drive hubs.
Bogie wide drive tyres standard 790mm Ø x 380mm wide.
200KG SWL with 12º-15º side ways angle & 15º forwards angle at full height.
Best back up and spare parts.
Electric hydraulic three speed.
Towing & free wheeling standard
23 HP EFI V-twin petrol engine standard 
Two caster flotation wheels 620 Ø x 300mm wide.
Large self closing cage gate.
Safety throughout.
Side swing cage.
Electric throttle.
Enclosed cage.
Compact length.
True all-terrain.
100 lt fuel tank.
Bin forks. 
Low back.
Quiet Engine

A Vanguard v-twin cylinder 23hp EFI or 32hp V-twin petrol engine is standard. The exhaust is extended and piped low down to the rear of the Squirrel away from workers.

E-Stop and Start switch, reset circuit breaker are accessible without lifting the bonnet.

100 lt fuel tank

The SQUIRREL engine is fitted with a mechanical fuel pump, fuel filter and has a 100 litre steel fuel tank to allow for up to 5 days use.

Large storage area

There is a large storage area in front of the engine bay 1.2m x 0.6m  for mango wash tank or storage box for wet weather gear, safety harness etc.

Bin Forks  Standard

 A set of solid prong bin forks are operated from the cage enabling the operator to move bins up to 600kg.

Two caster flotation wheels

Two wide independent caster flotation wheels on a pivoting cross axle assists with a  smooth ride over difficult terrain. The cross axle rocks 15º each way. Most other makes of EWP’s  cross axle is only rocked by less than 3º-5º or no pivot at all, so the Squirrel is much more manoeuvrable in mounded or terraced rows.

Wide tyres standard (790mm Ø x 350mm wide)

The 678 BSD-D comes standard with bogie drive 15" wheels on walking beam, planetary 8:1 gearbox with hydraulic motor for each wheel, fail-safe brakes. The 15" wheels give the Squirrel superior traction and smooth ride over difficult terrain without bogging.


Drive wheels Ø790mm x 380mm wide 8 ply, Caster wheels Ø620mm x 300mm

With large drive & caster wheel, more grip, less bogging, smother ride = increasing productivity

The larger wider wheels  (right on the right side in each picture)  are standard, make driving over large branches, wheel ruts and soft ground a lot easier and smoother, enabling the operator to continue driving and picking efficiently. On the left side of each picture is what most other makes of EWPs use. 

Genuine Foot Controls

The SQUIRREL is a machine with unique foot controls, giving three dimensional movement without the operator shifting his feet. A wide seat belt holds the operator directly above the foot pedals giving a safe and comfortable working position. The fully adjustable spring centred foot pedals allow you to continue working with both hands free AT ALL TIMES. This proven feature alone makes the SQUIRREL the most efficient machine.

Safe in and out of Cage
The SQUIRRELs Cage: is safe and easy to enter and exit -   no bending and twisting under hand rails.  It is automatically closed and latched with 2 separate latches. As the rear seat belt is attached, getting in and out is safe and fast. To un-latch it requires 2 fingers to lift two latches, then push back. The latch handles are recessed in the back inside corner.
The Squirrel gate is fully OHS safety compliant providing the safest way to access the cage, no bending and twisting your back as in other EWPs.

 Hydraulic Three Speed

Three speed is a standard feature which operates independently from the variable engine rpm, enabling the operator to select a wide range of speeds for safe and faster operation. There is a toggle stick in the cage to change speeds, which can be done while driving.
A safety height sensor switches gear 3 off and reverts to gear 2 when the cage is raised above  1/3rd height.
Gear 1 slow speed steady work at heights.
Gear 2  steady to fast work speed.
Gear 3  travelling speed.

For Brochure on this Squirrel and other 008 Models and Squirrel Trailer - Click on the picture to download the PDF file.

Disclaimer: The pictures and information are a guide only.  Specifications are subject to change without notice and without liability expressed or implied.

Squirrel 558, 678 & 818 Brochure
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Squirrel Beaver Tail / Flat Top Traler Brochure
Trailer is designed for the safe loading, unloading and transport of Squirrels and other goods. Ramps folded right over to give flat top. Available in three size drawbars. PDF Brochure.
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Squirrel 358 SD-D Brochure
5 pages of information and Specifications on 358 SD-D 3.5m cage floor height PDF Brochure.
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Other Squirrel Models - Click on the picture to go to that page

Disclaimer: The pictures and information are a guide only.  Specifications are subject to change without notice and without liability expressed or implied.

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