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OliNet is a harvesting aid for olives, pistachio nuts and seed collection. It has folding arms with an automatic trunk sealing system, resulting in fast and reliable setup. Olives, nuts or seeds are collected in the suspended net and is then funneled into storage tubs.
The advantages of this system are:
  • Very fast, only takes 20 seconds set up with one operator
  • Minimal bruising of fruit
  • No contamination from soil or animal droppings
  • Net automatically seals around tree trunk and over-lapping join
  • Fruit stored in easy to handle and accessible tubs
  • Detachable elastic rope sides allows easy access to centre of tree
  • Easy to manoeuvre from tree to tree with good visibility for repositioning
  • Arms can be changed to fit larger nets 
The OliNet is very fast and easy to operate.
  1. The draw-bar / steering wheel is adjustable in height and is easy to use by hand. This 15" steering wheel with auto park brake and fast height adjustment is standard
  2. When positioning OliNet, it is reversed into the trunk of the tree. Rubber padded guides provide easy alignment.
  3. Arms with rubber padding are then swung around and held in place with the assistance of gas struts.
  4. Arms are then locked into position, automatically sealing the trunk with an over-lapping elastic join to prevent any loss of fruit.
  5. The tree is then ready for harvesting.
  6. As fruit falls into the net it is funnelled towards the centre and into 42 litre tubs (three supplied).
  7. When harvesting is completed the arms are unlocked and swung back to allow the OliNet to be moved to the next tree.
  8. Tubs full of fruit can be emptied before moving to a new tree, or changed during harvesting.
  9. Sides are held in place automatically open or closed with the assistance of gas struts.
The OliNet is available with either a 6.5m, 5.5m or 4m. (other sizes can be made to order)

OliNets are measured at the shortest distance (diamter) across the net, the longest distance for each size would be .5m bigger.

Arms can be simply changed  to fit either size net. The advantage of this is that the same OliNet frame can be used and extended as trees grow.

A 4m OliNet has a similar frame but without telescopic arms.  Arm extensions can be fitted to upgrade at a later date. Or alternately a 5.5m OliNet with its arms retracted and fitted fit a 4m net may be ideal for a young grove.

OliNet has excellent visibility when positioning against the trunk and is easy to manoeuvre in this compact form.  In this compact form the elastic ropes are not stretched.

The OliNet is easy to transport throughout the grove and is fitted with 16" x 6" wide 8 ply tyres with greased bearings.  OliNet can be lifted by two people and put into a tray top utility without any disassembly.

For long distance transport, The OliNet can be made even more compact by - easily  retracting telescopic arms, un bolting tub rack & third wheel assembly. When stood on end it only takes up 1 pallet space!

Automatically sealing the trunk with an over-lapping elastic join to prevent any loss of fruit when the arms are locked into position. Rubber padded on the guides & arms base provide easy alignment & protection of the trunk. This 16" steering wheel with auto park brake and fast height adjustment is standard.  This wheel can be removed if mounting to a 4 wheel ATV, but still keeping the height adjustment. The ATV front drawbar now comes standard with all OliNets.