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Bin Trailers

Crendon Machinery have designed a three bin trailer with four wheels. These are self-steering like airport trailers. This type of bin trailer is very common in Europe


Self-steering Trailer
The draw-bar steers the front wheels and a linkage connects the front steering to the back wheels, which steers the rear wheels slightly sharper. This system stops the trailer cutting in on corners. The draw-bar is fitted with a 50mm ball hitch, the rear of the trailer is fitted with a 50mm ball. Multiple trailers can be towed behind each other following in the same path.


Strong Frame, bottom frame is made from 4 x 100 heavy channel running lengthways with two reinforcing members. Max load is 670 kg per bin or 2 tonne in total. 3mm aluminum floor plate covers this frame and is extended to above the wheels with a 45mm lip giving a storage area at each end. This also stops mud and dirt getting onto the bins and fruit.



Side Steps
The side steps are held up with a spring and swung down with your foot when required. As soon as the trailer is moved these swing back up. These steps are positioned in the centre of each bin are not in the way when unloading with a fork-lift. Side steps can be unbolted and removed if not required.



Smooth ride
The rear axle rocks and has rubber buffer stops. Steering wheel king pins are heavy duty with greasable pivots.



Strong Wide Wheels
The wheels are 20x10x8-6 ply with a load rating of 700kg per tyre, the rim as 4 x Ø30mm in each hub with a grease nipple for easy maintenance