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Squirrel  -  Cherry Picker  with SD (Soft Drive) Self propelled all terrain elevating work platform.


Squirrel 358 SD-D 3.5m
The 355 Squirrel is The Ideal Machine For Apple & Stone Fruit Orchards
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Squirrel 558 Crab Steer SD-D
5.5m platform height - 7.5m reach This model is ideal for installation & repairs of shade, wind and bird netting structures. With Crab steer 30º each way and side swing cage 55ºeach way.
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Squirrel 558 SD-D
5.5m Cage Floor Height, 7.5m Reach Single drive wheels Soft Drive Deluxe
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Squirrel 678 SD-D
6.7m cage floor height Single drive wheels Soft Drive Deluxe
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Squirrel 678 BSD-D
6.7m Cage Floor High, 8.7m reach Bogie Drive Wheels Bogie Soft Drive Deluxe
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Squirrel 818 BSD-D
8.1m Cage Floor Height, 10.1m Reach Bogie Drive Wheels Bogie Soft Drive Deluxe
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Squirrel 508 LVI SD-D 5.0m
The 50 8 Squirrel - Standard with low voltage insulation is The Ideal Machine For Street tree pruning
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Squirrel 708 LVI & SD-D 7m
Squirrel 708 LVI & SD-D Available with or without Low Voltage Insulation, Squirrel Is The Ideal Machine for Pruning Small & Big trees.
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Squirrel 80 5 SD 8.0m
The 80 5 SD Squirrel is The Ideal Machine for construction sites, high picking & pruning
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Squirrel Trailers
A range of Squirrel trailers are available. For orchards we have a beaver-tail / flat top, 3 models. For Tree pruning contractors we have a beaver-tail heavy duty, 2 models
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Squirrel Optional Extra
A range of Picking Bags, Cage Trays, Air Compressors, Engines, Drive wheels, Lights are available to fit on Your Squirrel.
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Hire Squirrels 355 SD-D, 558 SD-D, 678 SD-D, 678 BSD-D & 818 BSD-D
Crendon Machinery have a range of hire Squirrels all new models in our hire fleet, all fully serviced
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NetWizz  -  Bird, Hail & Exclusion Netting Applicator & Retriever

NetWizz Slim Auto Tension
For small to medium vineyards and orchards
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NetWizz Standard Mast Auto Tension
For medium to large vineyards, orchards and crop cover applications
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NetWizz Hi-Lift Mast Auto Tension
For medium to large vineyards, orchards and crop cover
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NetWizz Hi-Lift Swivel Mast Auto Tension
For orchards - single & two row cover applications
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Netting Suppliers
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NetWizz Brochure
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Sadie  -  Vineyard & Orchard Cane & Pruning sweepers


Vineyard Double Sided Front Mount
For large Vineyards or Contractors Rubber Flap and Steel Spring Tyne For 2.1m -4m wide rows
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Vineyard Sadie Single Sided Front Mount
For Small Vineyards Has Nylon Bristles, Rubber Flaps & Steel Spring Tynes
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Orchard Single Sided Front Mount
For Orchards Nylon Bristles, Rubber Flap & Steel Spring Tyne
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All Other Machinery  -


Olinet - Olive fruit catcher
Bin Runner - Self loading, unloading bin trailer 4,5 & 6 bin capacity
Bin Trailer - Three bin, self steering, 4 wheel suspension
Weed Boom - Under tree boom spray, double & single sided
Wire Winder - PTO powered Wire winder with clutch, brake, auto stop 
Olive, Pistachio nuts & seed Harvesting aid
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Bin Runner
Self loading & unloading bin trailers for multiple bins
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Bin Trailer self steering
For Transport of 3 bins around vineyards and orchards Self Steering, Four Wheel Suspension, Aluminium Floor Plate
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Weed Boom Spray
Under tree / Vine herbicide spray boom
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Power Wire Winder
PTO driven wire and pipe retriever
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About Us

Machinery manufacturing first commenced from the family’s mixed orchard, dairy & beef farming property “CRENDON” of MC Fry & Sons in Donnybrook, around 1960 by Mick Fry who was responsible for the maintenance and manufacturing of farming equipment. In the early years some of the new machinery was sold to local farmers. This grew progressively until in 1978 the manufacturing identity became CRENDON MACHINERY with his son Neville joining the partnership.

The office and workshop of the Company are now based in Donnybrook, Western Australia with Neville Fry as manager. CRENDON MACHINERY has established a strong position in Horticultural and Viticultural machinery manufacturing.

CRENDON MACHINERY products are wholly designed in Western Australia and are continually developing new and existing products. With Mick & Neville’s farming background, unique & practical equipment has been produced for the customer.

CRENDON MACHINERY have, since its inception, received many awards and commendations for its innovative designs

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