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Netwizz  Slim Heavy Duty Wide Top Loop Auto Tension

NetWizz Slim Heavy Duty Auto Tension" is a machine for applying and removing wide netting in narrow rows . This machine is ideally suited for medium to large vineyards, when working in very narrow rows down to 1.2m wide rows 1.5m centrer. The heavy duty 8.5m top loop realy helps with 20m or wider netting.

The operation of this new Slim HD NetWizz model is the same as the Slim NetWizz. Everything is heavy duty to take the load of wide top loop and wider netting. 

Rolls can be interchanged between all models. This model still incorporates an oscillating wand, auto net sensor, and can use 1.1m or 1.4m spindles. 4ea 1.4m spindles are supplied.

NetWizz Slim, HD, Mast with 8.5m wide top loop, raised to full height with stands on

Slim NetWizz, HD 8.5m top loop.

By removing four sections the heavy duty top loop can be reduced from 8.5m to 5.5m wide. This heavy duty top loop is also available as an optional extra on Std NetWizz 

Netwizz Slim HD Auto Tension, mast rotated 90º and retracted for transport,

The mast is raised & lowered by a winch and pinned at 3 height settings. Mast is rotated and pinned at 6 positions from -30º, 0º, 30º, 60º, 90º, 120º. 

The mast rotator is similar and shear bolt is the same as Standard NetWizz
A 25% more powerful hydraulic motor is also fitted for winding wider netting.

The total width of this Slim NetWizz HD is 1.2m from the end of wand to mast rotator handle. The bottom frame is only 1.1m wide which is narrower than the std Slim model NetWizz.


Fast, safe removal of netting without tears

If netting gets caught the sensor automatically stops the spindle, preventing tears. The sensor automatically adjusts the spindle and wand speed to maintain a constant incoming net tension.

This unique sensor system greatly prolongs the life of netting.

Netting tension remains constant, no matter what size roll is being wound up or the tractor's ground speed.

Auto tension setting is easily adjusted via an adjustment wing nut. Gas strut is stainless steel


Shear bolt protection for top loop & mast

The NetWizz mast incorporates a shear pin assembly which breaks, preventing the top loop and mast from damage.

To work around power poles, trees and for transport the top loop easily rotates 90º.

The mast is rotated and pinned at 5 positions from -22º to 90º. 

Self loading and unloading of netting rolls

Full spindles are loaded using the tractor’s 3PL. The tractor is simply reversed into the roll, with the aid of a taper on the drive shaft, then raised with the linkage.

In the standard short setting 1.1m spindles, the roll of netting can be up to 15m wide x 200m long. In the long setting 1.4m spindles, the roll of netting can be up to 20m wide x 300m long.

The steel spindles protrude from the end of the roll enabling easy safe mechanical handling.

Roll Spike

Efficient handling of netting rolls.

A roll spike is available, which is clamped to fork-lift or front-end loader forks and is then inserted into the spindle. This system allows rolls to be stacked on top of each other for safe and very compact storage. It is strongly recommended when handling large rolls of netting.    (OPTIONAL EXTRA)