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 SQUIRREL Oil Palm series 15-03 

The SQUIRREL Oil Palm series has been designed for the oil palm industry and is a complete combined harvesting/ collection system. The advantages of the SQUIRREL Oil Palm Series are:


* Increased productivity .
* Holds 2 tonnes of FFBs.
* Safe one man operation.
* Harvester moves from palm to palm without descending.
* Minimal ground compaction.
* No soil contamination of FFBs.
* Operates over wet rough terrain.
* Compact - turns within its own length.
* Total fruit handling from palm to trailer.
* Total palm harvested from one side of row.
* Closer inspection of FFBs prior to harvesting.

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  SQUIRREL 4.5m    

This SQUIRREL is designed for netting contractors with VERY HIGH GROUND CLEARANCE and yet still maintains a low overall height. SIDE SWING increases the versatility of the SQUIRREL without affecting stability when working on slopes. It is foot operated.











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FORESTRY SQUIRREL   8m platform height   10m Reach 

Has Bogey wheel drives enabling it to climb large branches designed for working in "Agro-Forestry"






Other Squirrel Models - Click on the picture to go to that page

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Squirrel 355 SD  3.5m

Squirrel 505 SD 5.0m

Squirrel 536 LB SD     5.3m

Squirrel 656 LB SD 6.5m

Squirrel 806 LB SD       8m

Squirrel 655 SD   6.5m 

 Squirrel 80 5 SD   8.0m


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Squirrel 657 2B 6.5m & 807 2B 8.0m 

Squirrel  Foot Controls

Squirrel Options

Hire Squirrels 3.5m, 5m, 5.3m, 6.5m, 8m

Other Squirrels

Squirrel Trailer

 Operating Requirements

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