Double Sided Front Mount Sadie

Suitable for Medium vineyards.


Vineyard SADIE (Front Mount) is now available.

It is a vine cane sweeper which clears prunings and debris from under vines, improving hygiene. It also assists in giving clean ground for pre-emergence herbicide spraying.

The SADIE comes complete with a steel mesh guard to protect tractor from flying debris. Also comes with a heavy duty deflector which fits beneath the SADIE's mesh guard protecting the bottom of the tractor.

saddf1.JPG - largeThe sweeping head, is identical to the successful Double Sided Sadie Multi-mount.sadie_3.jpg - large

SADIE’s clean sweep reduces the amount of herbicide required to maintain weed free strips

The SADIE head follows the contour of the ground with wheels giving height and angle control. If the head hits an obstacle the guide wheels prevent damage to the vine and a gas strut allows it to swing back smoothly and reposition itself.


SADIE's rubber flaps are hard wearing (last approx. 200 ha) but do not damage the vines. The flaps can be adjusted to achieve a more vigorous sweep or a light sweep if required for young vines.


A hydraulic flow control valve regulates the maximum head rotation speed.


Usually the tractor is fitted with a mulcher or mower on it's rear 3 point linkage so that sweeping and mulching of prunings occurs at the same time.


All tyres air free for tyre protection.saddf2.JPG - large

Minor width setting is achieved by a hydraulic ram. This can be done while sweeping.


One hydraulic ram retracts & raises both SADIE head & arm assemblies for turning at the end of rows & for transport.
The maximum sweeping width is 4 metres and the minimum is 2.3 metres. Major width setting is achieved by adjusting the telescopic arm for each head.



Sweeping Width - .85m
Sweeping Speed - 4 to 6 km/h
Row Spacing - 2.4 to 4m
Hydraulic Requirements - 2 pairs of remotes; 2,300 psi 6 gpm (min)


Shipping measurements

Height - 1m
Width - 1.2m
Length - 1.2m
Weight 300kg - approx