Squirrel Operating Requirements WA

W.A. WorkSafe Regulations affecting Elevating Work Platforms (EWPs) Boom & Scissor Lift style

When was the new regulation effective?

3rd October 2003 for everyone including: Employers, Main contractor, Self-employed persons, a person having control of the work place or a person having control of the access to the work place


Can I use Generic Manuals (documents)?

No Crendon Machinery do not recommend it, Generic manuals are not sufficient in detail even if they have been approved by the commissioner of Worksafe. Generic manuals can only be used in conjunction with the latest Squirrel manuals, which will always override any Generic manuals.


What do I have to do?

Comply with AS 2550.10. For EWPs older than 10 years the major costs are:

  • Non-destructive testing

  • Strip-down of components
  • Up-grading to latest manufacturing standards AS1418.10


What is the cost?

Industry estimates vary between $8,000 and $15,000 + GST to fully comply for boom EWPs (for Scissor Lift EWPs it may be more). This would vary depending on condition, model & age of EWP. With this cost it is not a viable proposition for older small EWPs since it is has to be done again every five years.


How often do I have to do this?

After 10 years of service and every five years thereafter


When does this work have to be done by?

To not commit an offence, prior to 3rd October 2005 only if the EWP is all of the below;

(a) A boom style EWP

(b) Used only in connection with commercial fruit growing

(c) Owned prior to 3rd October 2003 and consecutively since by the same owner


(note) To not commit an offence, prior to 3rd October 2003 for Scissor Lift EWPs

Who can carry out this major 10 year maintenance?

  • A competent person for the major visual inspection

  • For non-destructive examination; Qualifications recognition by the Australian Institute of Non-destructive Testing at Technologist or Technician level with experience


What parts have to be non-destructive tested?

  • Wheel rims, axles, spindles, wheel hubs, wheel & hub bolts etc

  • Frame, cylinder attachment areas, lifting & tie down brackets
  • Brake components
  • Hydraulic cylinders including, rods, piston, retaining nuts & barrels
  • Cage platform
  • Slew components & areas
  • Boom, stabilizer bar, pins & attachment areas
  • Safety harness anchor point
  • Boom prop & attachment areas
  • With Scissor Lift EWPs there are additional components, not listed here


Does this new regulation also apply to picking platforms (Scissor Lift EWPs)
Yes, if the platform is elevated by power (hydraulic or otherwise). But there is no two year delay so, to not commit an offence, the above work must be carried out prior to 3rd October 2003 if it has completed 10 years of service and every five years there after.


What is the maximum speed and slope limitations of an EWP

Maximum 1km/h, 2º side slope and 5º forward & backward slope, unless the km/h and or degree of slope is specifically stated in the manufacturer’s / designer’s documents.


Can the manufactures/designers recommendation/manuals (documents) be exempt from this new regulation?

Crendon Machinery has requested from Worksafe exempt from AS2550.10 & AS1418.10 or part thereof in any documents which allow a manufacturer’s documents to override these standards. After 13 months of letters, faxes, phone calls & emails Crendon Machinery got a written answer on 5-6-03 from Worksafe “NO Exemptions”


Can I use my existing old Squirrel Manuals (documents)?

No, the old documents are not sufficient for this new regulation. New Squirrel manuals can be obtained from Crendon Machinery.


What parts have to be Upgraded?

There are numerous areas which require upgrading. Unfortunately, the cost of this is high and is not viable on old small EWPs. AS 1418.10 standards are up dated periodically.


Can I sell a EWP older than 10 year old?

Crendon Machinery have been advised in writing by Worksafe that the seller is responsible for the above work prior to sale from 3rd October 2003.


Should the operator wear a safety harness?

Yes on boom EWPs. A safety harness complying with AS 1891. This has been a requirement since 1994


Should the operator perform a daily preoperational check?

Yes. Operators shall ensure that pre-operational inspections are carried out at the beginning of each shift and documented entered into the Squirrel pre-operational Check-list logbook. This can be obtained from Crendon Machinery.


What other maintenance is required?

There is a maintenance procedure which is clearly outlined in the New Squirrel Maintenance Check-list. The maintenance requirements are split into 100 hour intervals with only minor maintenance checks at this level leading to more comprehensive maintenance checks every 1,000 hours. This can be obtained from Crendon Machinery.


What operator training is required?

There is a Operator Induction procedure which is clearly outlined in the New Squirrel Operator Induction Check-list. This is split in to two areas, an Operator Questionnaire Check-list and an Operator Demonstration Check-list. This can be obtained from Crendon Machinery.

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