Single sided Vineyard Sadie

Vineyard SADIE is a prunings and leaf sweeper which clears prunings and debris from under fruit trees and vines, improving vinyard hygiene. It also removes weed clumps to give clean ground for pre-emergence herbicide spraying.


The sadie now comes with both nylon bristles and rubber flaps as standard.


SADIE's long nylon bristles do not damage vine trunks or trickle lines. A skid is incorporated into the bottom of the rotating head to assist in height control.


SADIE's spinning head has a shear bolt system mounted immediately after the hydraulic ram, which allows the head to swing back 90º preventing further damage to the unit.


A heavy duty deflector, mounted in front of the SADIE prevents debris being thrown too far. If this deflector hits a solid object, while turning at the end of rows, a shear bolt breaks and prevents any damage.


The new Vineyard SADIE now comes complete with a steel mesh guard to protect tractor from flying debris. Also comes with a heavy duty deflector which fits beneath the SADIE's mesh guard protecting the bottom of the tractor. Both guards are bolt-on and have adjustable over-hang settings.


SADIE’s clean sweep reduces the amount of herbicide required to maintain weed free strips


sadsin7.jpg - largeThe driver has a clear view and can easily manoeuvre the SADIE. SADIE is mounted onto the tractor's front bumper bar for best visibility and driver control. One hydraulic ram raises and lowers both the arm and angles the head, a hydraulic flow control valve regulates the head spinning speed.


The new rubber flaps are longer with a more tapered shape giving a softer sweep for the first 50mm (similar to nylon bristles),


Rubber flaps are recommended for use providing there are no trickle lines on the ground. They do not cause damage to vine stems or tree trunks and height setting is not critical. The advantage of rubber flaps is that they have a very long life.


SADIE - travelling position

The hydraulic ram swings the head and arm upward to a vertical position giving a compact unit for travelling.



Sweeping Width - 1.1m
Sweeping Speed - 4 to 6 kph
Row Spacing - 2.2 to 3.5m
Hydraulic Requirements - 2 pairs of remotes; 2,300 psi 5 gpm (min)


Shipping measurements

Height - 7m
Width - 1.17m
Length - 1.17m
Weight 200kg - approx

Optional Extra
Hydraulic Control - When the tractor has one pair of remotes.