Wheel, Tyres & Hubs

We import these components directly from the manufacturers.

Most of these have higher specifications than standard for reliable use in our machinery for heavy conditions

Prices are correct as at 1st October 2013.  Please check prior to ordering.

 p27.JPG - large

Tyre 26x1200x12-8PR tract grip

t/less 8 ply 


$195+GST = $214.50

Tyre 31x1550x15-8PR tract grip t/less 8 ply


$283+GST = $311.30

p12.JPG - large 

Tyre 26x1200x12-4PR turf block

t/less 4 ply


$174+GST = $191.40

p17.jpg - large 

Tube 26x1200x12 (TR13) -


$32+GST = $35.20

p46.JPG - small 

Rim 12x8.5

fits Crendon planetary wheel hubs


$134+GST = $147.40

p16.jpg - large 

Rim blank 12x8.5"no centre 2.5mm CH


$42.50+GST = $46.75

 sp6.JPG - large

Rim 14x6 RANGER white Falcon TRR14X6WCH

$46.15+GST = $50.77

p43.JPG - small 

Wheel 16-650-8” 30mm sealed bearings, air free, PU filled, heavy hub & rim, load rating 300kg per wheel – ZVS8*

p44.JPG - small 

Wheel 4.10-3.50-4" air free, PU filled,  wheel with 17mm bearings & spacer, offset hub, heavy hub & rim, load rating 100kg per wheel  ZVS4WS*

$87+GST = $95.70

p2.JPG - small 

Hubs & Axles 1.5t

Hub/axle assy FORD

(5x1/2UNF-114.3PCD 2"x12SQ)

load rating 1500kg per pair


$60.05+GST = $66.06