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The Trel-Pick is a simple and economic solution for pruning, thinning &

picking in trellised orchards.

The Trel-Pick is a simple platform which has four separate operating heights.

The base platform is 1.9m wide x 4.9m in total fixed at 0.9m high. The first .5m is only .65m high. Space for two workers facing the trellis is 2.4m long. The remainder allows four bins to be carried with ample space for safe easy access to them and the raised platforms.

The mid platform is adjustable in height from 1.1m to 1.55m The highest platform is also adjustable in height from 1.6m to 2.2m high. Both of these are 1.2m long x .6m wide, and slide in and out.
Access can be gained to either of the raised platforms from the side or rear. There are gates and comfortable steps for added safety.

The advantages of this system are:
  • Cheaper than an orchard Squirrel
  • Simple to operate
  • Space for up to four workers
  • Holds 4 bins
  • Power steering
  • Four wheel steering
  • Both raised platforms easily telescopic up/down, and in/out, by hand in the row
  • 23hp EFI engine with 25 litre boat fuel tank
  • Variable speed true hydrostatic drive
  • Fast travelling speed
  • Spring suspension on front wheels for smooth ride
  • Standard with 13CFM air compressor
  • Standard with four picking crate & picking bag holders
  • Can tow a bin trailer behind for ground pickers
  • Exempt from WorkSafe Elevating Work Platform regulations
Can tow a bin trailer behind for ground pickers

A towing hitch enables a bin trailer to be towed behind the Trel-Pick for use by ground pickers. The left side and or back hand rails swing down to allow loading and unloading of bins.

Simple to operate

The Trel-Pick is simple to drive. The operator has control over engine throttle, hydrostatic ground speed, power steering and engine start and stop.

The operator only needs to correct steering occasionally even on rough ground and so is predominately able to pick and thin etc.

Four wheel steering Rear steering is controlled with a foot pedal which is used mainly for crab steering in Tatura trellis and Parmet rows on steep ground. It also allows for very sharp turning at the end of rows.

23hp EFI engine with 25 litre boat fuel tank

Trel-Pick is powered by a 23hp EFI V-twin petrol engine with oil alert and has a large air compressor able to run four air secateurs.

The engine base is mounted on springs to reduce vibration. A 25 litre remote fuel tank can be removed for easy refuelling.

Both raised platforms easily telescopic up/down, and in/out, by hand in the row 

Both raised platforms can be simply adjusted while still in the orchard. Height is varied in 100mm increments by raising or lowering the platform in the telescopic slides. Platform overhang can be altered by sliding inwards or outwards.

Standard with four picking crate & picking bag holders

Four crate & picking Bag holders are standard which hold a 22 lt or 36 lt crate. This holder fits over the hand rail.


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