Squirrel Trailer

Crendon Machinery custom made Squirrel Trailer.
The trailer is rated to carry a 2.3 tonne load.


The Trailer is designed for the safe loading, unloading and transport of Squirrels

Low tray height 0.57m
Sides on loading ramp
Height prop on loading ramp
Fold down sides & front on Trailer


Front Draw-Bar  Adjustable

The draw-bar is U bolted to the under frame and is set to suit the length required. If for a 505 SD Squirrel the length is short, if for a larger Squirrel it is clamped at a longer setting.

There is extra heavy reinforcing under the draw-bar to carry the load in this long setting.

There is floor plate on the draw-bar under the cage for safe entry and exit from the Squirrel cage.


Standard  with:

Electric brakes on all wheels

Electric breakaway brakes

Trailer drawbar jockey wheel

Auto battery charging system

Two tie down straps

Squirrel wheel stops

Large tool box

Spare tyre & rim.


Loading Ramps 

When loading a Squirrel only half the machine is on the ramp at any time. The drive wheels are on the flat tray before the caster wheels are on the ramp. This is a very safe loading.
The loading ramp is in two halves, each half has 2 gas struts. They automatically swing up and only stay down when fully lowered. Legs on the ramp aid safe loading. Ramps are held up by three methods: 4 gas struts, 2 latches, 2 safety chains.

Low flat top tray  

195x60R12GT tyres are used, these have a load rating of 3500kg. Sides are 350mm high and all fold down. A large “Gull Wing” tool box lockable 1.8m x 0.4m x 0.43m is bolted to the draw-bar. All lights are 12V LED.

Trailer has a solid floor and four solid sides up to 270mm high so other items can be safely carried if required. 


 Squirrel Trailer Brochure        

Other Squirrel Models - Click on the picture to go to that page

squ_or1.jpg - large sq5051.jpg - large sq5361758.JPG - large sq6566.JPG - large sq6566.JPG - large squ6551.jpg - large sq8050221.jpg - large

Squirrel 355 SD  3.5m

Squirrel 505 SD 5.0m

Squirrel 536 LB SD     5.3m

Squirrel 656 LB SD 6.5m

Squirrel 806 LB SD       8m

Squirrel 655 SD   6.5m 

 Squirrel 80 5 SD   8.0m


137214185813721025211.jpg - large

OPS3.jpg - large 

squirreltrailer.jpg - large  wa_ewp1.jpg - small

Squirrel 657 2B 6.5m & 807 2B 8.0m 

Squirrel  Foot Controls

Squirrel Options

Hire Squirrels 3.5m, 5m, 5.3m, 6.5m, 8m

Other Squirrels

Squirrel Trailer

 Operating Requirements

Disclaimer : The pictures and information are a guide only.  Specifications are subject to change without notice and without liability expressed or implied.