Single sided Rear 3PL SADIE

Suitable for small vineyards & orchards.


Crendon Machinery make three nylon bristle model sweepers- two to suit vineyard and orchard applications and one for orchards only.The long nylon bristles are ideal for sweeping in uneven ground conditions but a herbicide strip is essential for effective sweeping. The bristles are very gentle and do not damage vines, trickle lines or sprinklers (bristles should last approx. 20 ha).


The newly developed rubber flaps are more suitable for sweeping in rough conditions in place of the nylon bristles, providing there are no trickle lines on the ground. They do not cause damage to vine stems or tree trunks and height setting is not critical.


The 3 point linkage model is very simple to use on any tractor and only requires one set of hydraulic outlets.

SADIE has two jockey wheels - one on the 3PL frame (to give overall height) and the other on the floating head (for best sweeping results). Both wheels are adjustable in height to allow for bristle wear.

A hydraulic flow control valve regulates the head rotation speed.

The SADIE frame is fitted with a gas strut which allows the head to swing inward and outward to sweep around vines and poles.

The head offset can be varied to suit 2m through to 3.5m wide rows.


Single-sided SADIE travelling position


Sweeping Width - 1.1m
Sweeping Speed - 4 to 6 kph
Row Spacing - 2.0 to 3.5m
Hydraulic Requirements - 1 pairs of remotes; 2,300 psi 5 gpm (min)

Shipping measurements

Height - 0.8m
Width - 1.17m
Length - 1.17m
Weight 250kg - approx